Life On The Titanic


The class system of the early twentieth-century was played out on Titanic as it was elsewhere in Britain. For first class passengers on board the Titanic, life was an opulent and glamorous affair. Naturally enough it was much less so for those travelling in second class, whilst life aboard was distinctly less comfortable for those in steerage. Read some interesting facts revealing what life was like on board the ship for the different classes of passenger.

$150 – the average cost of a First Class berth on the Titanic (£30); a First Class parlour suite on the other hand cost $4,350 (£875).

$60 – the average cost of a Standard Class berth (£12).

$15-$40 – the average cost of a Third class berth (£3-£8).

50,000 – the number of items of bone china crockery supplied to the Titanic by Stonier and Co of Liverpool.

7,500 – the number of blankets taken aboard the Titanic.

2 – the number of seasickness cures available on board (beef tea or smelling salts).

$6,000,000 – the estimated value of the cash, bonds and jewellery carried by Titanic’s passengers.

Facilities on the Titanic

4 – the number of restaurants.

550 – the number of diners the First Class dining saloon could cater for at any one time (18 more than the Olympic’s 532).

6 – the number of places at the Captain’s Table.

A promotional image of the Reading Room on the First Class A Deck of The Titanic.

Above: A promotional image of the Reading Room located on the First Class A Deck of The Titanic.

30 feet x 14 feet – the dimensions of the swimming pool on deck F (length x width).

1s – the cost of using the heated swimming pool, in shillings (the pool was reserved for use by First Class passengers only).

4s – the cost of using the Turkish and electric baths on deck F (in shillings).

2 – barber shops.

2 – libraries.

3 – galleys.

1 – fully equipped gymnasium.

1 – fully equipped photographic darkroom.

8,000 – the number of cigars available to the First Class passengers.

250 + – the number of Marconi telegrams sent by passengers during the voyage.

2 – the number of bathtubs available to the 700 third class passengers.

Accommodation on the Titanic

840 – the total number of staterooms (private rooms such as suites, cabins and dormitories), on the Titanic.

416 – the number of staterooms in First Class.

162 – the number of staterooms in Second Class.

262 – the number of staterooms in Third Class.

10 – the number of Titanic passengers that the largest third class cabin accommodated.

164 – number accommodated in the largest third class dormitory (on deck G).

84 – the number of two-berth cabins in third class.

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